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Each day Ultimate Fitness will be coming at you live on their Facebook page from 10am to bring you Kidsfit! The daily session will last for 20 minutes and be a fun and energetic fitness blast to kickstart your day! Access the livestream at 10am each day here! 

As well as this we will periodically be uploading some fitness workouts for older students led by Shrewsbury Town in the Community coaches, all aimed at making sure everyone keeps active during this time of social distancing!

At this time we also want to make sure that everyone is looking after their mental health so we will be receiving some updates from Shrewsbury Town star and mental health champion, Omar Beckles, who will be letting you know how he is staying positive and some tips for looking after your mind and body at this time.

 Lenny’s Four Minute Fitness Blast! 

Omar Beckles – Mental Health During Isolation


High Intensity Workout! 

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