Heads Up

COVID-19 Response

In order to provide our Head’s up participants with support during this time of social distancing we have set up a Facebook group where members can still interact with each other and allow them to stay in contact with us. Along with this we have put together a resource pack for everyone who may be struggling with advice and points of contact.

Access these resources here.

If you would like any more information or would like to be involved in Head’s Up,  please email [email protected] or ring 01743 289177 ext 225.

Mental Health problems affect 1 in 4 people at some point during their lives, yet the stigma around using mental health services stops many people from seeking the help they need. Shrewsbury Town in the Community mean to tackle this through offering mental health sports sessions for those living with mental health problems

Head’s Up looks to engage adults who are already working with Mental Health Services and will include a variety of sports and physical activities.

These sessions aim to:

Find full session details below.

Day: Every Thursday

Time: 1pm – 2pm

Venue: Mercedes-Benz Football Hub, Montgomery Waters Meadow, Oteley Road, SY2 6BF

Cost: £3

Find out how the sessions have helped Matt on his journey below. 

If you wish to register your interest, or if you would like to signpost individuals to this programme, please get in touch with [email protected]

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