Maths & Literacy

Our daily maths & literacy challenges are designed to keep minds sharp with regular tasks and puzzles, helping to keep key skills in practice and in use. Tasks will be based around sport and football in order to keep children engaged and show an application of the skills they are learning. Check back every day for a new challenge!

Week 1

Monday 23rd March – Maths Challenge – Kit Combos!

Tuesday 24th March – Literacy Challenge – Max O Leary Scrabble!

Wednesday 25th March – Maths Challenge – Squad Number Sums! 

Thursday 26th March – Literacy Challenge – Josh Laurent Scrabble!

Friday 27th March – Maths Challenge – Countdown Numbers Round! 

Week 2

Monday 30th March – Maths Challenge – Matchday Snacks! 

Tuesday 31st March – Literacy Challenge – Football Wordsearch!

Wednesday 1st April – Maths Challenge – Matchday Snacks 2! 

Thursday 2nd April – Literacy Challenge – Player Names Sorting! 

Friday 3rd April – Literacy Challenge – Omar Beckles Scrabble! 

Week 3

Monday 6th April – Maths Challenge – Kitman Conundrum! 

Tuesday 7th April – Literacy Challenge – Clubs Wordsearch! 

Wednesday 8th April – Maths Challenge – Sudoku 1! 

Thursday 9th April – Literacy Challenge – Aaron Pierre Scrabble 

Week 4 

Tuesday 14th April – Literacy Challenge – Player Name Wordsearch! 

Wednesday 15th April – Literacy Challenge – Player Name Sorting 2! 

Thursday 16th April – Maths Challenge – Sudoku 2! 

Friday 17th April – Maths Challenge – Groundsman Conundrum! 

Week 5

Monday 20th April – Maths Challenge – Countdown Conundrum 2 

Tuesday 21st April – Literacy Challenge – Shaun Whalley Scrabble! 

Wednesday 22nd April – Maths Challenge – Kit Combos 2! 

Thursday 23rd April – Literacy Challenge – Donald Love Scrabble!

Friday 24th April – Maths Challenge – Countdown Conundrum 3

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