The official charity partner of Shrewsbury Town Football Club

Partner School Case Study – Shrewsbury Academy

As part of our Partner Schools scheme, Shrewsbury Town in the Community have launched a partnership with Shrewsbury Academy.

A coach from Shrewsbury Town will be working alongside the PE department to provide opportunities for students to link with the Football Club in terms of rewards and work experience.

The coach will work with individual students who will benefit from a one to one mentoring scheme, to help them with both home and school life, and provide rewards for achieving agreed targets.

A group of students have also joined the Shrewsbury Town in the Community ‘volunteer academy’ and will work alongside the coach to organise and run sports competitions within the local feeder primary schools. This will develop the students leadership skills and also assist with the primary school students transition into secondary education.

“By having this partnership it allows us to make a difference in the community by providing opportunities for students from Shrewsbury Academy to gain leadership skills,work experience within a professional football club and more. It also enables us to make the transition between primary and secondary education smoother for new students.” – Nigel Wellings, Partner Schools Officer