Together Stronger

Together Stronger – will be a vehicle for local organisations to work more closely with professional sports clubs and like minded community and voluntary groups in the challenge to improve health.

The all-age, all-sport, all-inclusive initiative is aimed at improving the health and well-being of people in Shropshire irrespective of age, race, gender or ability through increased physical activity and targeted health messages.




Together Stronger is a partnership between Shrewsbury Town Football Club and Healthy Lives. It is centred around tackling the following targets
These are the key areas in which improvements have to be made if Shropshire is to continue to be a healthy county to live in. Each target will have a high profile Health Ambassador from the world of sport or music.
The targets are underpinned by Health Lives Shropshire’s key areas that are most important in leading a healthy lifestyle:

Shrewsbury Town in the Community will be contributing to this through projects already in action such as Head’s Up, focused on mental health, Extra Time, which aims to promote active living for those aged 55+, and Kick Cancer and will provide those who are, or have, suffered from the disease with an hour of support, multi-sport exercise, and social activities.


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