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Do you attend matches in a group of more than 10? Do you watch Shrewsbury Town in action from another country? If so, why not consider setting up an official affiliated Shrewsbury Town Supporters Club?

Shrewsbury Town in the Community will be leading the way to get more fans involved, with funding available to assist fan clubs throughout Shropshire and to improve the fan experience.

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Jamie Edwards

Head of STiTC

We are looking for groups of supporters of 10 or more

“I presented the Supporter’s Parliament the idea of affiliated supporters clubs. This is by no means stepping on the toes of current supporters clubs and we made that clear, but we are looking for groups of supporters of 10 or more, who come in on a mini-bus for example, to affiliate to us as a group.

There are benefits for affiliating such as signed merchandise, the different information they can get and admin support from the club and ultimately what we are after is data collection. If we are doing ticket promotions we can go to those areas of Shropshire and make sure that the word is getting out there that there’s matches on here and trying to get those groups to grow will obviously grow the supporter base furthermore.”

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