Shrewsbury Step-Up Challenge!

In September 2020 we will be holding our second Step-Up Challenge Event, where participants will climb up every step at Montgomery Waters Meadow.

Join us on 25th September to take on the Step-Up challenge. This challenge will see participants taking on the challenge of climbing up and down the 1,780 steps of the Shrewsbury Town F.C. Stadium. The 1,780 steps, spans an incredible 56 floors which is the equivalent of climbing up to the top of the Eiffel Tower! Whether you want to run, walk, sprint or jog up the 1,780 steps, this event will be for everyone to get involved in. Along with the cost of entry, we are asking participants to raise a minimum, small fund-raising target of £20. All the hard-earned fundraising money will go directly to support our Mental Health project Heads Up.

After the event, all participants will be invited for lunch at our Reech Community Hub, where we will celebrate the fantastic accomplishment everyone has achieved, announce the funds raised, and present all participants with a Challenge yourself 2020 Medal.

Participants will also receive a ticket to watch Shrewsbury Town in the afternoon’s League One fixture game. (Yet to be announced)

We allow anyone aged 6+ to take part in the event. Children must be accompanied by a parent / guardian.

Cost of entry – £15 (18+) / £10 (U18)

For more information please contact [email protected] for any more information.

Read our recap from last year’s event below.

To sign up for the event please complete the form below. 




On Saturday 28th September we held our first-ever Step-Up Challenge, where we asked 50 participants to climb up and down every single step inside Montgomery Waters Meadow in order to raise funds for our mental health projects.  

Participants signed up to the event for a variety of different reasons, some saw it as an opportunity to try something different as a fitness activity, some wanted to prove to themselves they were able to complete the challenge, and others simply wanted to help provide support to our mental health projects and help raise awareness and tackle the stigma.  

We were astonished that one participant managed to complete the course and tackle all 1,780 steps, the equivalent of climbing the Eiffel Tower, in just thirteen minutes! After achieving this, they then decided there was plenty of time to make another trip round! A fantastic effort!  

Some participants completed the challenge despite overcoming great adversity, showing fantastic resilience and strength. These included 11 year old Corbin Davies, who lives with Cerebral Palsy who smashed his target of climbing up 850 steps, and managed to break past 1000 total. Along with him, 7 year old Tom Davies, who was born with Chronic Kidney Disease and had undergone a kidney transplant in August and has frequently been in and out of hospital for treatment. Despite this he still managed to complete the Step-Up Challenge along with his family and older brother and is a huge Shrewsbury Town supporter, regularly attending games.  

Regular attendees from our mental health project, Head’s Up, also took part, with Phil Morris finishing the challenge in second place before travelling to play football with his local grassroots team showing true dedication to the cause (and to football).   

After the event participants were treated to some well deserved pizza, thanks to our partners, Dominos and were able to enjoy some relaxation at the Mercedes-Benz Football Hub before kick-off for the afternoon’s fixture.


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