Exercise On Referral Project Launch

Shrewsbury Town in the Community, in partnership with the Shrewsbury Primary Care Network, are delighted to announce the launch of a brand-new Exercise on Referral project starting in January 2022.

The project will see patients in the sixteen medical practices of the Shrewsbury Primary Care Network have access to Health & Wellbeing Coaches at Shrewsbury Town in the Community who will provide specific exercise and wellbeing programmes tailored to each patients’
individual needs.

The Shrewsbury Primary Care Network has a collective patient list of c. 124,000 patients across Shrewsbury and the surrounding areas and aims to address the wider population’s health needs and health inequalities and ensure patients have access to a larger range of
professional groups to aid health issues.

Programmes include access to new Gym & Fitness facilities at Shrewsbury Town in the Community, individual and group exercise class and the opportunity to participate in our already established groups such as Extra Time, Heads Up, Walking Football & Kick Cancer.

Our Health & Wellbeing coaches can cater for a wide range of health conditions and will work with you every step of the way to design a plan that suits your individual needs. Patients do not need to have a pre-diagnosed condition, wanting to feel better or to lead a
healthier lifestyle is enough for you to get in touch.

Patients will be invited to participate over a number of weeks, free of charge before given an end of programme assessment to check your progress before re-evaluating how they would like to continue exercising.

Getting involved is easy by visiting:
Or by calling 01743 289177 and speaking to one of our Health & Wellbeing Coaches.

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